5 Myths about Russian women that have to be revealed

Elena Miro
4 min readDec 2, 2019

There are so many things people around the world say about Russian and Ukrainian women! Some of them are really funny and weird, for example, that all the average beautiful Russian girls’ name is Natasha. Or that Slavic girls hunt rich men, drink vodka 24/7, aren’t sensitive to cold… why do they want fur coats though? Hilarious and flamboyant, isn’t it? Hard to understand though whether it’s true or not…

In fact, as a dating advisor, I’m often asked what true facts are and what, instead, myths about ladies from Russia and Ukraine are. Let’s dive into this interesting topic so I can help you figure it all out.

Myth no.1:

Russian and Ukrainian women are not sensitive to cold.

Many people think that women from Russia and Ukraine don’t feel cold. Yes, your beautiful girlfriend is from a country where the temperature can be as low as -20 in the winter. But in most apartments in Russia and Ukraine, it’s very warm (about +25) during winter months, thanks to the central heating. While in Western Europe, when it’s cold outside, it’s also cold inside the houses. The temperature normally is not higher than +19…+20. Besides, scientists proved that female body feels colder than male body. So your pretty fiancée needs to be protected from cold more than you. Well, just see it as another pretext to pamper her!

Myth no.2:

Women from Russia and Ukraine drink vodka.

Most popular myth about russian and ukrainian women! This myth, probably, comes from the fact that some Ukrainian and Russian men are heavy drinkers. But normal, well-educated and cultured ladies from Russia and Ukraine who don’t have drinking problems, don’t drink alcohol at all. Or they might be social drinkers who can have a glass or two of wine, champagne or Martini bianco on rare occasions. By the way, neither Russia nor Ukraine occupy the first place in terms of alcohol consumption per capita. According to the World Health Statistic report, the first “prize” goes to Moldova with 15.2 liters of alcohol. Lithuania, with its 15 liters, occupies the second place, and the Czech Republic, the third with its 14.4 liters per capita. Another myth dispelled!

Myth no.3:

Ukrainian and Russian girls are too easy.

Ladies from Ukraine and Russia are not all the same. Like everywhere, there are easy girls and there are serious women. You can even find girls who are still virgins at the age of 25. And many women who had just one or two boyfriends or husbands in their lifetime. It’s not like the majority of girls from Russia or Ukraine give themselves to all the Western guys easily just because they are foreigners. But unfortunately, there’s this myth that all the Russian girls’ name is Natasha and girls who have that name are cheap dates. It’s nothing but a stereotype. It comes from the early 2000s. All the beautiful girls from Ukraine and Russia who were on vacation in Turkey, were called Natashas for some reason, and were considered easy. But Natasha is just a beautiful name. It doesn’t mean that all the girls with this name are some cheap dates.

Myth no.4:

Russian and Ukrainian women are as beautiful as French women.

Oftentimes, the irresistible charm of the French ladies is compared to the Slavic women’s beauty. But it’s just another myth, because Russian and Ukrainian girls, unlike French women, take care of their appearance. Although French women are considered trendsetters and fashionistas (probably, because many fashion houses like Chanel, Givenchy, etc., come from France), most of them don’t dye their hair, don’t get pedicure and manicure, don’t wear high-heeled shoes. Besides, the percentage of beautiful girls in Ukraine, Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe, is higher than anywhere else. But of course, beauty is very subjective. Everything depends on your taste. Some men might like French women, other guys might like Brazilian girls, and so on. If you like the Eastern European beauty type, you’re definitely in the right place!

Myth no.5:

Russian women are gold diggers and manipulators who just want your money.

Russian and Ukrainian ladies have become so popular among foreigners that many gold diggers take advantage of it to scam naive guys. Sure, there are lots of girls who look for rich guys just to get some money out of them. But there are also many honest Ukrainian and Russian women who look for true love online. Your key to success is to stay vigilant and choose girls who are attracted to you, not to your wallet.

I hope this article was helpful to you. If you heard any other information about Russian and Ukrainian women that might be a myth, don’t hesitate to cantact me and I will tell you whether it’s true or false.



Elena Miro

Certified Psychotherapist, Relationship coach and Author. Ukrainian