99% of the books written about narcissism will advise you to leave, and that’s what I did — but what if you can’t leave?

You hear a lot about narcissism these days. Narcissists seem to be everywhere and in every part of life. We used to think of them as toxic people, someone you should avoid at all costs. They were disrespected, judged, and even hated, but do we really understand this condition? Do we really know who they are?

I survived narcissistic abuse from a spouse, so I know what you might be going through if you’re dealing with a toxic person. I understand the pain, misunderstanding, and confusion. I share your tears, and I have suffered through those sleepless, anxious nights. This experience motivated me to do my own in-depth research into this mental condition. In fact, I went on to get a degree in psychology, write books on the subject, and speak to hundreds of my readers and patients about what they’re going through.

I found myself discussing the topic of modern narcissism with colleagues, friends, and many of you, my readers. I soon realized that so many people living with a narcissist or other toxic person in their life don’t have the same choice I did. They are unable to leave like I was able to. Many of them share children with a narcissistic spouse. Some have narcissistic children they refuse to leave behind. Lots of people work with a narcissist, and they can’t leave their job. Some of you just quite simply still love the narcissist in your life and don’t want to leave.

I can’t help everyone with a toxic person in their life, but I can share my experiences and knowledge that I have gained to help those of you who can’t or don’t want to leave your narcissistic abuser. I want to help you understand these monsters, so you can develop compassion for their state of mind. In fact, you’ll hear firsthand from narcissists what they’re thinking and feeling. You’ll gain valuable insight into toxic people and the truth that is hiding behind their emotionally abusive behavior.

Believe it or not, living happily with a narcissist is possible, and you can even turn that person into someone who is more loving and easier to deal with. To do that, you must first understand the mental condition they are struggling with and how you can better manage your interactions with them, so they will stay positive and free of the typical manipulative behavior that narcissists often exhibit.

This first book in this set of two will be dedicated to gaining a better understanding of narcissism and how it develops. You’ll gain valuable insight into how the narcissist thinks and how that affects their behavior. You’ll also have a better understanding of the kind of people that attract narcissists and why, as well as whether the narcissist can truly love you or not.

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The second book in the series will present proven strategies for dealing with the toxic person in your life. You’ll learn how to avoid being codependent, how to set strong boundaries, and how to manage your interactions properly with this difficult person. You can make choices that will help you live a happy, fulfilling life, and you might even help them heal along the way.

What’s more — and what I feel is valuable and unique about these books — is that you will hear from real people who have been dealing with real narcissists in their lives. These stories come from my friends, readers, colleagues, patients, and various social media sites like Facebook and Quora. Like you, they were simply unable — for many reasons — to leave that person behind, and they had to find a way to exist with them peacefully. What they have learned can help you too.

These books will bring together advice from people living with narcissists, professional psychologists, published studies, and even narcissists themselves that can help you create a happy life with the toxic person you love.

I know what it’s like to live with a narcissist because I was married to one. I thought he was the perfect man for me, but after it was too late, I learned he was toxic. My experiences with him caused me to want to reach out to others who might be suffering like I was. I want to help you with what I have learned, particularly if you have made the decision to stay with your narcissist. That’s what these books are all about, and it is my sincere wish that they help you create a better life for yourself.

Kind regards,

Elena Miro

Certified relationship coach, Psychotherapist and Author