Healthy Narcissism. Does it take place?

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  • Self-awareness: If you have a healthy dose of narcissism, you are quiet and comfortably confident. You know both your strengths and shortcomings, and you see how both are essential parts of your wholeness. You know you’re not perfect, and you don’t have an expectation that you will be perfect. You view yourself as constantly growing and learning, and you see no need to compare yourself to others.
  • Collaborative: Healthy narcissists are collaborative because they have a mature sense of self-confidence, and they know they will get their needs met without having to put others down or keep them from achieving their goals. As a healthy narcissist, you are able to engage in mutually satisfying relationships with other people. You don’t lose yourself in their opinions, you don’t allow yourself to be pressured to be like them, and you can maintain your sense of self.
  • Earn approval: A healthy dose of narcissism results in approval that is earned rather than from any sense of entitlement. You know that you have to work hard to achieve your goals, and if there is a failure or setback, you trust that it doesn’t have to do so much with your ability as with a need to either work harder or receive more training. You’re not resentful of having to work hard; in fact, it inspires you. Additionally, you have no problem asking for help or more information when you need it.
  • Flexibility: Healthy narcissists are flexible rather than rigid or controlling. They have no need to control others, and they make for excellent negotiators and problem solvers. Their goal is to get things done in a way that benefits everyone involved. They can work healthily as part of a team without feeling that their ego has been deflated. They can withstand setbacks and changes in plans, something those with an unhealthy expression of narcissism simply cannot abide.
  • Firm: Healthy narcissism also means knowing when to stand firm. If you have a healthy dose of narcissism, you have no problem setting and maintaining firm boundaries or saying no, and you don’t tolerate bullies, discourteous treatment, or devious motives. You stand firm in your authenticity and integrity and have an unshakable concept of self. You know your worth, are confident in your abilities, and don’t compromise your values.
  • Respectful: One of the biggest differences between healthy and unhealthy narcissism is treating others with respect. Even when you disagree with someone, if you’re a healthy narcissist, you discuss the issue respectfully and without resorting to insults or bullying. You understand that nothing is black and white; there is always a gray area. You also have a good dose of self-respect, so you don’t tolerate condescension from people who believe themselves to be superior to you. You know they are not superior and neither are you; you are both genuine and humble in your behavior and treatment of others.
  • Unselfish: This is another area where the difference between a healthy narcissist and an unhealthy one is particularly notable. Healthy narcissists are not selfish. They enjoy helping when they can, work hard, and care about the welfare of others. They make great team players because they care about the success of the team as much as their own personal success. They seek to help their family achieve their goals, even if it means they must sacrifice for that to happen. They are willing to do so because they understand that it’s not all about them, and they want to see their family members succeed.
  • Emotionally intelligent: Healthy narcissists maintain a positive mindset, even when they are faced with challenges in life. They control their baser impulses and think before they speak. They stay mindful and ground themselves in the present, so they can sense the emotions around them and understand their own feelings and sensations clearly.




Certified relationship coach, Psychotherapist and Author

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Elena Miro

Elena Miro

Certified relationship coach, Psychotherapist and Author

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